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Ms Faye Christie (2019)

Ms Daphnie Gomez (2019)

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Thank you for your generous gifts to our projects. We are thrilled to have your support. Through your donation we will be able to provide support to more people in need, in one of Jamaica's poorest communities. You have brought us closer to our goal. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful! Today your donation is going toward the Randolph Marrett Christmas Fund, homeless project, education and other community development projects. If you have specific questions about how your gift is being used or our organization as whole, please don’t hesitate to contact us through May you be continually blessed.


We thank you,

On behalf of the Duanvale Community!

Our Pledge

Together, Randolph Marrett Fund and GoInspired Jamaica Foundation, we are committed to mobilizing support to empower the disadvantaged.



Phone: 917-997-6940 (text only)

Registered Charity: CA100-775C

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