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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

According to government statistics, more than 30% of the population of Trelawny lives in poverty. Randolph Marrett established a legacy of charity 37 years ago in Duanvale.

Trelawny has a population of 75,558. It is the home of great people such as sports stars, Usain Bolt and Veronica Campbell-Brown and leaders such as once Prime Minister, Hugh Shearer and Professor Rex Nettleford.

Its residents describe Duanvale as a quiet and peaceful community with a strong citizens association. It is the perfect getaway for nature lovers. There you will have a beautiful and commanding view of the cockpit mountain. Visitors get to experience the thrill of rural Jamaica, waking up each morning to awe-inspiring sunrise and drifting off to sleep nightly to the tranquil sounds of nature. However, the people living in this community face serious economic hardship.

"The problem… there are so many children going through high schools, community colleges, universities and they have to wait as many as four, five years to get employed," Winston Tomlinson, General Manager, Bank in Trelawny (Jamaica Observer, 2016).

Of the Duanvale population, estimated at 2500, 55 heads of households are unemployed, another 19 have no academic qualifications among other severe challenges.Over the pas 37 years, Randolph Marrettt, affectionately remembered as Brother Marrett, began donating funds form his own family coffers to more than 50 individuals and families.

A Collaborative Approach

After the passing of their dad, the Marrett children picked up the mantle and turned their father’s goodwill into a mission: to establish volunteer programs, skills training and erect a support center on the land where their father resided during his early years in Jamaica.

In 2018, the Randolph Marrett Fund was established, and a partnership formed with local charity in Jamaica, GoInspired Jamaica Foundation. GoInspired Jamaica Foundation [other projects] was established in 2011 and has served over 1000 individuals and families to date.

Program Objectives



· Participants will learn new skills and have access to new income generating opportunities and psycho-social support.


· Participants will become more empowered leader as they develop their abilities to communicate across borders and cultural divides as they spend time working with international volunteers, identifying solutions to unique challenges within their community.


· Participants will use their creativity and innovation to work as a part of a team to form solutions to critical issues within their community.


· Participants will foster an entrepreneurial mind-set as they consider ways to positively influence other members of their community.

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Together, Randolph Marrett Fund and GoInspired Jamaica Foundation, we are committed to mobilizing support to empower the disadvantaged.

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