“A biography that reads more like fiction, with its dramatic action and surprising twists, we follow Phanuel from her early days as a humble farmer’s daughter through her dynamic life as a servant of the Lord.” 


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A Legacy of Charity

Ana Fanny International Missions

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Phanuel's Legacy of Charity

Phanuel founded Ana Fanny International Missions (AFIM) in 2004. This vision was born after she travelled to Senegal West Africa. She was moved with great compassion as she confronted first hand the plight of some very young boys ranging from ages 5 -9 called Talibes who were hungry, naked, abandoned by their parents, living in deplorable conditions and being abused by a rouge teacher.


Phanuel and her team negotiated with the teacher and won his trust, so he gave her access to the group of boys in his school. She then opened a center called, The Nord Foire Center. There she hired a staff to provide temporary shelter, clothing, food, medical attention and taught proper hygiene for about 2 years. 

This charity now focuses on outreach programs in Jamaica. As the word of God directs: "Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy." Psalms 82:3