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The Marrett Fund was started over 37 years ago when patriarch Randolph Marrett began donating monies from his own family coffers to feed the poor and needy in Jamaica. He was born and raised in the country and after migrating to the United States in 1979, increased his support for the local community of Duanvale in Trelawny, where he was born and raised. The first charitable program started was a Christmas Feeding Program.


While she supported her husband's outreach program, Phanuel also established a mission to Senegal West Africa in 2004. In this community, she confronted first hand the plight of young boys, ranging from ages 5 -9 called Talibes, who were hungry, naked and abandoned.


The Marrett Fund was solidified in 2018 after the passing of the family patriarch. His son seized the opportunity to lead the charge and carry on the name and his legacy. In June 2018, they partnered with GoInspired Jamaica Foundation (GJFL), founded by Racquel Reece. GJFL is a local charity, that empowers people through service and support.


The purpose of the Marrett Fund is to continue and strengthen the work that began over three decades ago, in memory of Randolph Emmanuel Marrett and in honour of Phanuel Marrett.

"Dad always found a way to give self-sustaining financial, business and more importantly, spiritual advise. He was particularly passionate about giving to the poorest in his home district of Duanvale Jamaica, consistently for 37 years. It is my greatest privilege and honor to be part of Dad's great legacy of charity and kindness", Son and President of Randolph Marrett Fund, Easton Marrett.

A Message from Racquel Reece

Founder and Chair, GoInspired Jamaica Foundation

"Poverty is one of the most psychologically paralyzing conditions a person can experience. In addition, without help and support, it can be debilitating and lifelong. Yet its mark is so easily ignored, as its victims coping is misunderstood for survival and way of life. Before they can get a firm footing, their stories are forgotten, so the business of life carries on around them, with great expectations.


When I started the Foundation, it was because of the need I saw, after experiencing the pangs of poverty myself. I had no family support and have lived in about a dozen temporary homes of my dad’s employers. I had to make it on my own. There was no help. I didn’t know how or where to get help. I sent myself to school after which I did honest work to survive.


I have worked on funded projects with UNFPA, UNESCO, UNICEF, Government of Jamaica, Panos Caribben, Talk up Yout, Media (local, regional and international), Camba (USA), VSV Management (USA) and so many others. With the right kind of support, we can really create a developmental shift in our rural communities.

I am concerned that the times are only getting harder for people to effect exit strategies from poverty. With the new border systems being implemented in the United States, the visa systems that just seems to get harder to penetrate, many of our young people will not be able to uptake international opportunities as easily as before. Industry is suffocated and the entrepreneurial spirit stifled in a failing system, and quality jobs are scarce. 


Both old and young need the help, and I would know, from personal and professional experience. That is why this initiative is so amazing; and its success, so very, very important."

A Message from Ms Daphne Gomez

Project Administrator and Legacy of Charity Awardee

"Brother Marrett used to say ‘he that lendeth to the poor, God will give you back’. And he was always interested in the poor, the widowed poor, the sick… he said he wanted everyone to have a good Christmas, 51 people he helped every year. They are so grateful. They call it their pension."

We believe poverty can be eradicated, and together, we can bring hope to those who are disenfranchised. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilize support for communities that are burdened by poverty, and people who are disenfranchised due to lack of access to tools, resources and education to advance.


Our Vision

Our vision is a world where there is equity, equality and access to eliminate the risk of vulnerability for one to become disenfranchised, marginalized or poverty-stricken.

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Our Pledge

Together, Randolph Marrett Fund and GoInspired Jamaica Foundation, we are committed to mobilizing support to empower the disadvantaged.

RMF: marrettfund@gmail.com

GJF: goinspiredja@gmail.com

Phone: 917-997-6940 (text only)

Registered Charity: CA100-775C

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